The Process

getting started

The first step is thinking about the essential function of the piece you want, how it will fit into it's intended space, relate to the pieces around it and reflect your personality.

Once you have that figured out, you're ready to consider details like style and form. If you have the first part down but are still unsure about the style, that's one of the things I'm able to help with. You can communicate the intended function and general size parameters to me and I can suggest various style proposals according to your tastes. I generate 3-d renders of my designs in a cad-type program, providing a variety of views/perspectives that are easier to relate to than flat sketches. Texture mapping can help show the effect of varied materials.

sample renders for client proposals from the cad program


moving forward

Once decisions have been made concerning style and materials, the next step is establishing a budget that works within the design parameters, which I expedite by providing cost estimates based on varied scenarios re. materials chosen, design iterations and labor factors. A little back-and-forth communication at this point usually refines the conclusion nicely. I submit a final bid for the cost of the proposed project including detailed listings of materials and detail specifications along with a construction timeframe for review, and the client makes a go/no-go decision.

establishing the commission

The next step is agreeing to/making the order, which is accomplished by submission of a deposit amounting to 50% of the total projected cost, which I provide in a order invoice, outlining the total costs and production timeframe, plus shipping costs if applicable. The final half of the commission amount is due when the order is completed/before it ships.


Let's get started!